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deVos jewellery is a Gold Coast based company aiming at bringing art and life back into jewellery. Fun and quirky or gothic and macabre, the deVos Collection is born of the childhood memories and life experiences of its creator, Marc deVos.

An eccentric blend utilizing silver and leather, gold and precious and semi-precious gemstones, each deVos piece is brought to life without limitation or compromise. Classic style and modern bite fuse to produce original, striking pieces that demand attention.

Headed by master jeweller, Marc deVos, deVos Jewellery today remains proudly all Australian owned and operated, ensuring that each and every piece emerges as an unmitigated statement in excellence, unmistakable by its nature and design. 


Born in the Australian state of Victoria, but raised in Belgium, Marc's early life was heavily influenced by the art and architecture of beautiful Europe in all its historic splendour.

The son of fine art and antique dealers, and grandson and nephew of skilled metal-smiths, Marc soon showed a keen appreciation and rare aptitude for the arts.

At the age of fifteen, back in Victoria, Marc was offered an apprenticeship with a local Jeweller and internationally renowned artist, where he honed his skills in hand-made jewellery and sculptured art.

In 1993, Marc relocated to the Gold Coast and set up his own workshop and studio, quickly establishing a reputation for quality craftsmanship and inventiveness of design.

Since his first contact with jewellery, Marc envisioned the creation of his own distinct jewellery brand, brought forth from an abundant creativity and executed to the most exacting standards.

It is with great pleasure that we present the deVos Collection.





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