What finger size am I?

All our Rings are made in the Australian/UK Sizing System and are situated in the Left hand column underneath the blue heading (see Chart below).


If you do not know your finger size, we suggest that you get your local Jeweller to size your finger accurately. If the size you’re given isn’t in the Australian/UK System, simply look down the sizing table of the given sizing system for the closest match and then follow the line all the way to the left. EG: US/Canada 6 ¼ = Australian M





If you do not have access to a Jeweller to take your finger size, you can cut a strip of paper roughly 8mm/quarter inch wide by 75mm/3 inches long and roll it around the desired finger, make sure that it is not too tight or too loose, then carefully trace a line where the top layer meets the bottom layer, unroll the strip and measure as accurately as possible the longest part of the length of paper from the end to the marked line. You can repeat the process if unsure. Once you have the correct length in mm or in inches, simply look for the closest match on the Measurement column on the sizing table. Once located, follow the line all the way to the left. EG: 2.016 inches/51.2 mm = Australian L

We do not take any responsibility if a Ring does not fit. We will make the ring in the exact size that it is ordered in. This is why we ask you to make sure of the size you are choosing. Keep in mind that finger size does change depending on temperature changes, ie. Fingers will swell in warmer weather and shrink in cooler temperatures.

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